Welcome to the 16th Korean Film Festival!

The Festival’s opening movie, Where would you like to go?, sensitively explores the aftermath of loss. It is a modest but affecting tale of grief and the burdens of survival which ultimately blossoms into a touching humanist drama.

In the ‘Faces’ section, we present some of the truly outstanding representatives of the Korean film world. This year, we celebrate the work of Hee-jung Kim, who is also the director of the opening movie. Fans, and all keen moviegoers, will have an opportunity to meet this amazing artist in person, as well as the lead actress in the movie: Ha-sun Park.

In addition to the latest Korean blockbusters, which are jam-packed with humor and emotion, we present our ‘Focus’ section. Here we have selected films that have brought extraordinary family issues and stories to the screen and which seek to answer the question of what makes a family a family? In our ‘Extra’ section, the audience will be able to view hard-to-find recent Korean short films.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy the sixteenth edition of the Korean Film Festival.


In Suk Jin
Festival director



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