Welcome to the 15th annual Korean Film Festival!


This year is of particular importance to us: we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Korean Cultural Center and hosting the Korean Film Festival for the 15th time. 

I would like to thank you for the love and interest you contributed to the development of the Korean Film Days, launched in 2007 and evolved into a week-long Korean Film Festival welcoming thousands of visitors!  Seeing as how we are celebrating two anniversaries, we tried our best to make this year a truly special occasion, and prepare a program that’s even richer than usual, with more screenings and live discussions.

In the Faces section, we present some truly outstanding representatives of the Korean film world. We celebrate the work of director Byun Young-joo. Her films have a special focus on women’s rights, and situations of existential crises. Fans, and all interested theatergoers will have an opportunity to meet this amazing artist in person. 

In addition to the latest Korean blockbusters, jam-packed with humor and emotion, in our Focus section we have selected some films that have brought extraordinary life-situations to the screen. In our Extra section, the audience can see short films and animations, and we are once again bringing forth Bonus section entries, this year with a special focus on life-changing encounters, and the topic of knowing oneself.

What an honor to see you all here at the 15th annual Korean Film Festival. I sincerely hope you will enjoy our selection as much as we did! 

Have fun!


In Suk Jin

Festival director



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