Opening Movie

Every year, the week-long Korean Film Festival starts with one of Korea’s latest award-winning films, with the screening taking place as part of the opening ceremony. This year, we welcome Kim Hee-jung's lyrical reflection on love, loss, and soul-searching.  

Where would you like to go? / 어디로 가고 싶으신가요

A school teacher, Do-kyung, dies whilst trying, but failing, to save his student Ji-yong from drowning. After the two pass away, Do-kyung’s wife Myung-ji, and Ji-yong’s sister Ji-eun are left alone in the world, having to cope with the loss of their loved ones. Myung-ji travels to Warsaw, Poland, to distance herself from her harsh reality and meets an old friend from whom she hides her husband’s death as if appearing to reject the tragedy. Meanwhile, being unable to let her brother go, Ji-eun is hospitalized and her health deteriorates. Lacking any enthusiasm for life, Ji-eun struggles to recover. On the day of the Warsaw Uprising, where people commemorate the victims of their dark history, Myung-ji returns to her home in Korea, where a letter from Ji-eun is waiting.

Hee-jung Kim

Ha-sun Park
Nam-hee Kim
Suk-ho Jun

103 minutes
English and Hungarian subtitles


Budapest, Corvin Mozi 10/13/2023, 18:00 Booking