Opening Movie

Every year, the week-long Korean Film Festival starts with one of the latest award-winning films. The screening will take place in a ceremonial setting.


Featuring the latest Korean films, from historicaldramas to thrillers to romance/fantasy. In addition to the novelty, it focuses on the emerging trends of Korean film.


Showcasing one of Korea’s most high-impact filmmakers, this section provides audiences with a comprehensive picture of each featured creator. In 2022, our focus is on the work of director Byun Young-joo, who will also be available for a live meet-and-greet.


Focusing on a specific topic. This year, a selection of films that brought extraordinary life-situations to the screen.


In this section, the audience can watch short films and animations.


This year, our focus is on self-awareness and life-changing encounters.

Closing movie

Festival participants can vote for their favorite work. The most popular film will be presented with an audience award on the last day of the Festival, before the closing movie.