Opening Movie

Every year, the week-long Korean Film Festival starts with one of Korea’s latest award-winning films, with the screening taking place as part of the opening ceremony. This year, we welcome Kim Hee-jung’s lyrical reflection on love, loss, and soul-searching.



Featuring the latest Korean films, from historical dramas to thrillers to romance and fantasy. In addition to showcasing recent movies, this section focuses on emerging trends in Korean film. This year, the concept of ‘borders’ is a common thread in the section’s films, and where we find political, underworld, religious and personal sides locked at odds, sometimes comically, sometimes dramatically.



Showcasing one of Korea’s most high-impact filmmakers, this section provides audiences with a comprehensive picture of the featured creator. In 2023, our focus is on the work of the director Hee-jung Kim,  who will also be available for a live meet-and-greet.



Focusing on a specific topic. This year, films from different genres explore how we treat each other, whether in the family or at work.



A block of independent artists and short films, as well as film-history curiosities. In 2023, the section offers five captivating short films, including an animation, and whose ideas are sure to be remembered.


Closing movie

As the closing of the festival, Um Tae-hwa’s disaster thriller will bring us the thrill of conflict and relationships unfolding in a world on fire. The film is based on a Webtoon, a Korean digital comic book. You can learn more about the Webtoon genre by visiting the current Korean comic exhibition at the Korean Cultural Center.